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Wednesday Thursday Friday   Monday Tuesday
Habit #2, asg. sec 2 questions,  Study Hall CK Habit #2, Asg. next section LEL Skills Ck, Asg.next section ?'s CK, take grades, study for earth science
Wednesday-Study Hall Thursday  Friday Prep Monday Tuesday
Track Meet CK PWB 5-1, Rev ?'s 1-8, Conservation of Energy, Machines, Efficiency Asg. CWB 8-1,8-2, 8-3, & rev ?'s CK, Asg. PWB 5-2, 5-3 & TX REV 21-30 Physics CK, Asg. TX REV 31-47 CK REV, Asg. CH 8 TEST & Sem TEST
CK, CH 21 Planets, Sec 1The Nine Planets, Asg. Sec 1 rev ?'s CK, Inner Planets & Start Sec 3 Outer Planets, Asg. Sec 2 rev ?'s CK, Finish Outer Planets, Sec 4 Moons, Asg. rev ?'s 3 & 4 Earth Sci. ck sec 3 & 4, Sec 5 Small bodies in the solar system, Asg. rev ?'s & TX REV CK sec rev & CH 21 TX REV
Track Meet Work on Topics Presentations; Emily & Jenna A & P Presentations Presentations
Track Meet CK CH 16 TX REV, Asg. CH 16 TEST CH 16 TEST A & P Hd Bk tests, Current Sci. CK Current Sci.
Track Meet  Hd Bk tests, Old Lab #26 Plant Reproduction, Asg. Analysis A & B bring a fruit Finish Lab, Asg. Texas state science test Biology Take Texas state science test Rev for Sem. test.
Track Meet Finish notes on types of Rx, Ck WS, Asg. rest of WS Study Hall Physical Sci. CK, Sec 3 Rates of Rx, Asg. WS & Quiz Quiz on Balancing Chem. Eq., CK WS, Asg. TX REV & Vocab WS, & CH 14 TEST
Wednesday Thursday Friday   Monday Tuesday